BDO PAYE Modernisation Briefing

24 September 2017

With only 16 months to the go-live date for PAYE Modernisation, BDO are hosting an expert panel on 29th September to discuss the impact of the abolition of the year-end PAYE process and the introduction of Real Time Reporting. 

These changes will have a profound impact on how employers process, report and discharge their payroll obligations.   

This event brings together a number of experts from the Revenue Authorities and one of Ireland’s leading financial software providers since 1986 - Ardbrook. 

Key insights: 

  • Revenue will highlight how data will feed into their Live Revenue Risk Analysis system and how inaccuracy will be viewed as not being in-line with PAYE regulations
  • The abolition of the PAYE year-end process means that employers must get it right in real time, all the time - posing practical challenges and obstacles; time and cost burdens
  • The change may have adverse software challenges as functionality may need to be enhanced - Real Time Reporting will have to be integrated into data systems and processes
  • Employers post-event will need to consider the information provided; REVIEW their payroll functions and PREPARE internal processes

If you are interested in attending please contact Patrick O’Driscoll at  

Should you wish to put internal processes in place Peter Carroll, Partner of Business Services, Marie Cunningham Director of Payroll UK & Ireland will be in attendance; both are pleased to schedule a consultation on how you can manage the implementation of this legislation.