Importing or exporting goods in and out of Ireland? It's time to make sure you are compliant

Importing or exporting goods in and out of Ireland? It's time to make sure you are compliant



If your business moves goods into and out of the EU or the U.K., you are legally obliged to comply with Customs Regulations

It may surprise many businesses that even if you are engaging with a customs clearance agent or freight forwarders to act on your behalf, it is still your responsibility to ensure you are compliant with customs legislation.

Complying with customs legislation is essential for businesses to trade legally and efficiently. For risk management purposes, it is essential to understand that customs authorities have access to complete details of the goods being shipped into and out of Ireland, to and from non-EU countries.

Revenue can audit any company in Ireland that trade with suppliers or customers outside of the EU to determine compliance with the applicable customs regulations. Therefore, it is vital to be aware of your customs compliance obligations, as the penalties for non-compliance are often severe and can damage a company's reputation with both its clients and the regulatory bodies.

Familiarity with customs requirements can often unveil significant cost-saving measures, so engaging with customs can often be worthwhile for your business.


The BDO Customs Health Check

We have therefore established our Customs Health Check to identify risks and allow us to propose recommendations to ensure that your business establishes streamlined and fully compliant processes consistent with Revenue requirements - giving you peace of mind.

Using our extensive knowledge and experience in Customs & International Trade, our expert consultants will learn about your business's goods and supply chain, identifying and recommending where customs compliance improvements can be made, and significant cost-saving opportunities realised.

The BDO Customs Health Check will include the following:

  • Import Clearance – audit of clearance procedures and declarations made.
  • Method for determining tariff classifications and duty rates
  • Method for determining country of origin and use of preferential origin certs – alongside if any
  • applicable free trade agreements, you can access
  • Method for determining customs valuation and completion of valuation declarations
  • Use of customs special procedures and reliefs if applicable#
  • Export controls, if applicable
  • Tracking of imports from clearance through the accounts, thereby checking your payment methods
  • for import duties and VAT
  • Review of benefits of AEO to your business

Following completion of the BDO Customs Health Check, we will provide you with a detailed report including recommended next steps. This report will include such items as:

1. Summarises the audit work undertaken in each area, comments on the results of the tests and

identifies any risk areas uncovered

2. Quantifies any potential duty under or over payments

3. Comments on the procedures and controls in place

4. Recommends where improvements need to be undertaken in procedures & controls

5. Advises on methods of resolution of any issues

6. Advises on the method of implementing any recommendations going forward

It is crucial that your business is customs compliant to avoid penalties and potential damage to your company's reputation. If you would like to speak to one of our experts to make sure you are compliant with customs regulations, contact us today and we would be more than happy to help.