New EHCs on imports from GB

New EHCs on imports from GB

From 15 January 2022, exporters from Great Britain (GB) will need to use the Animal Health Regulation (AHR) Export Health Certificates (EHCs) for goods exported to the EU or moved to Northern Ireland (NI), if an EHC is required. 

If you import products of animal origin, germinal products and live animals, please engage with your GB exporter to ensure they are aware of the new AHR EHCs from 15 January. 

The majority of AHR EHCs have been updated and are available for use on EHC Online since August 2021 and your supplier may already be using them. 


The old EHCs will be withdrawn from EHC Online on 14 January at 1pm. From 1pm, your GB supplier will no longer be able to raise new applications for these EHCs.  

Any in-progress exports using the pre-AHR EHCs will still be valid for entry into the EU so long as the EHC is signed before 11.59 pm on 14 January, and the consignment arrives at the point of entry in the EU by 15 March 2022.  

Further information and guidance is available on the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs traders show case site.  

How BDO can help

Should you wish to discuss your food import/export requirements, we are delighted to be in a position to assist you in this process. Please contact me by email at ( or Marie Farrell ( to find out more.