Case Study: HRIS System Upgrade Support

Case Study: HRIS System Upgrade Support

Name of Project: Providing System Upgrade Support

Client Sector: Pharmaceutical Sector

Public/Private: Private 

Contract Description

Our client required an upgrade to their HR system from an older on premise version of their HRIS  system to a new cloud based version. As part of this upgrade, the client wanted to ensure the successful transformation and migration of the current processes and data to the new system; in accordance with the best practice.


Contract Management 

Readiness Phase - prior to the work commencing on the upgrade, a number of information gathering tasks were completed to ensure the client was ready for the upgrade. We worked with the client to build out the project plan that encompassed not only the technical aspects of the upgrade; but also the business and cultural impacts. This also included preparing test cases for trialing of the new system from a process, data and technical perspective.

System Build - we managed the system build and integration from a client perspective and oversaw the extracting of data from the current system and transferred to the new system. On behalf of the client, we ensured that this was carried out within the agreed timelines.

User Acceptance testing - following the completion and deployment of the new system, we managed and executed the test plan. All business processes were tested extensively, and any defects or issues were managed and resolved. Our team supported the client throughout this process by providing a team of expert consultants who worked both remotely and onsite.

System Go-Live - once the project was fully completed and reviewed, the client went live with the new software. Our team provided “live” support to the client to help ensure a smooth transition between environments and acted as point of support post upgrade.


Contract Performance 

Client Satisfaction - The client was extremely happy with the results of the transition. They were particularly pleased with how the BDO Eaton Square team provided detailed planning and reporting around the upgrade process and ensured that each task was delivered on time to a high standard. This high level of accuracy ensured that current processes worked as expected; resulting in smooth transition to the new system.

Business Improvement - The client was also impressed with the level of subject matter expertise that BDO Eaton Square were able to impart.

The BDO Eaton Square team’s extensive knowledge of the systems helped the clients to develop and further their knowledge of various parts of the process.


Client Testimonial 

“ BDO Eaton Square helping us to hit deadlines in difficult conditions.

BDO Eaton Square performed exceptionally well in our Core Upgrade project. Our project was very challenging both in scope and timeline. The project involved upgrading the version of our HR System and moving it to an external hosted environment. The team were very easy to work with and knowledgeable in the details needed to help us understand our project. I was very impressed with the attention to detail the team had while going through our upgrade project. As challenges arose, they provided us with options to consider and kept the project on schedule. The best part was that the project was delivered on time and on budget ”.

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