Google Smart Shopping: A Practical Guide for eCommerce Brands

Google Smart Shopping: A Practical Guide for eCommerce Brands

Google Smart Shopping, which was launched in 2018, has quicky become very popular amongst e-commerce merchants. If your brand is looking for an effective way to run your Google Shopping Campaign without having to do much of the manual work yourself, Smart Campaigns are there to help you out. In this post we will explain what Google Smart Shopping is and why it might be beneficial for your brand.

What is Smart Shopping?

Google Smart Shopping is a Pay Per Click Google Advertisement. It utilises a store's inventory feed from the Google Merchant Centre, just like conventional Google Shopping campaigns. It then produces visual shopping ads that show up in the Search Engine Results Page. But, unlike conventional Shopping campaigns, it fully automates ad placement and bidding.

Your products will not only be advertised in the Search Engine Results Page but also in a variety of formats on the Google Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail. You can even run automatic dynamic remarketing and dynamic prospecting advertising on the display network.

Campaigns can be automatically created with very little input from marketers. The systems determine which advertisements to display to which viewers at what times by analysing how factors such as search queries, location, language, time of day, browser type, operating system, estimated age, gender, and remarketing affect your ad conversions.

Google also unveiled brand-new Smart Shopping ad formats in 2022 for offline retail, YouTube, local advertisements, and Google Discover. To access them, advertisers must join up for the Performance Max service.

Benefits of Smart Shopping

  1. Effortless optimization: Smart Shopping campaigns combine your current product feed and assets into advertising across several networks, which results in effortless optimisation. Google's robust systems put them to the test and display the winners.
  2. Automatic bidding: Google places and bids for each ad in your Smart Shopping campaigns, bidding for the highest conversion value at the limits of your budget.
  3. Easy integration: For seamless marketing and tracking, create and administer Smart Shopping Campaigns through a third-party platform (Shopify or WooCommerce).

Final thoughts

Google Smart Shopping is an easy-to-use service that often produces positive outcomes for advertisers. It is beneficial for start-ups and small enterprises who lack the resources to carry out their own targeted marketing. If you are interested in how the BDO Eaton Square eCommerce team can help you run Google Smart Shopping Campaigns, click here.