Increasing Black Friday sales by 61% - a case study on Lir Chocolates

Increasing Black Friday sales by 61% - a case study on Lir Chocolates


BDO Eaton Square were tasked with increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to Lir Chocolate’s website to grow their online sales platform. Not having a brick-and-mortar store posed a big challenge of increasing the brand identity to customers.



Our team took a blended, omnichannel approach, which consistent of using a combination of email, social media together with search and shopping advertising. Our campaigns rested on five pillars of customer-centric communications.


1. Keep customers at the heart of the strategy

Chocolates don’t inspire sales; special occasions do. By crafting our ad copies and emails around occasions, such as anniversaries, Valentine’s, birthdays, shopping events such as Black Friday and Christmas. We helped drive acquisitions through the sales funnel.


2. Keep it simple

Discounts have limited influence, so ensured our communications were simple, timely and effective for our customers to digest our messages across all channels. We increased the return on ad spend (ROAS) by 5x while maintaining the reach and optimum frequency to deliver the conversions.


3. Provide visual appeal

To lure consumers to the product, we made the visuals specific and appealing to the consumer. Our omnichannel digital ads and collateral showcased the best products, which drove a double-digit click through rate (CTR) across all the major channels.

4. Start early

To create momentum, we launched our campaign earlier than most of our competitors. Our digital team personalised communications to drive conversions, which helped us to identify the customers who would most likely purchase Lir chocolates.

5. Automate customer communications

Automation remained at the heart of our customer communications, which helped us to drive online sales from email sequencing and bidding on our primary keywords and chocolate deliveries.



Black Friday weekend (24th - 30th November 2021): 264% increase in returning customers Year over Year (YoY).

Overall YoY traffic and sales growth (2021 compared to 2020)

  • Sessions: 41% increase
  • Total Orders: 44% increase
  • Sales: 61% increase
  • Average Order Value: 17% increase

Paid advertising ROAS (October – December 2021)

  • Social: 1.57
  • Google Ads: 3.95

Email marketing (October – December 2021)

  • Over €16K in sales

Planning and personalised message delivery fundamentally changed the outcome of this campaign for Lir Chocolates - reporting their highest ever sales during the months of November and December. This was a key driver in increasing their brand awareness in Ireland and the UK market.


"Over the last year, BDO Eaton Square has helped us meet our objective in terms of increasing brand awareness and driving relevant traffic to our website in order to grow our online sales platform. BDO’s team has extensive knowledge of SEO, organic content & paid marketing which has enabled the growth of organic traffic to our website. They have used in-depth keywords analysis with the implementation of the best PPC strategies to allow us to target the right audience and continue to drive high-quality traffic to Lir’s website. They have been instrumental in designing a more focussed and cost-effective route for awareness and engagement to help us promote our range of products and services. BDO’s team have been instrumental in developing the trading calendar for the year which has helped us in planning and executing our strategic growth plans. BDO’s team have gone the extra mile and worked with us in the setup of a fulfilment partner which has helped us in reducing the delivery cost and in automating warehouse management process." - Ciara McCormack - Key Account Controller at Lir Chocolates.

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