Leveraging Omnichannel Approach to Build Sales: a case study on Smyth’s Homevalue

Leveraging Omnichannel Approach to Build Sales: a case study on Smyth’s Homevalue


Smyth’s Homevalue in Enniscorthy was heavily impacted during the pandemic. The frequent lockdowns saw a drastic change in how the business operated. It had to rely heavily on its website and digital channels to communicate its offering and availability to its customers.

Nevertheless, its digital channels needed investment which posed a problem. The ecommerce side of the business was underperforming. A poor website interface, underutilised email communication and lack of investment in their marketing efforts inhibited the true potential of their online business.


Our team took this opportunity to consult the client on the industry's best practices, starting with the website audit. This essentially helped Smyth's Homevalue identify the key touchpoints by improving the user interface and deciding on the KPIs and metrics that mattered most to them.

We encouraged the use of paid tools, such as Google Shopping and Search ads, to reach out to the clients on the industry's best practices. Furthermore, engaging the client and helping them establish their email marketing sequences kept the customers in check and engaged through a laser targeted approach.

Finally, an e-commerce presence was created on some of the most established marketplaces across Ireland (e.g., Amazon) to attract customers across various territories.

Results (Oct-Dec 2021)

  • Within three months, we boosted the revenues by 135%, while the overall number of transactions was boosted by 271%.
  • The average number of new users increased by almost 100%, and the e-Commerce conversion rates increased by 97.5%.
  • The average ROI was 11:1 on Google Shopping Ads
  • The click-through rate was boosted to 7-8% across all the major email campaigns.

Overall, by improving the user journey on the website, using paid advertising and email marketing, and becoming established on marketplaces across Ireland helped Smyth's Homevalue to create a successful online presence that they can use moving forward in a post-pandemic era.

“Working with the BDO Eaton Square Team has had a major impact on our eCommerce business. The omnichannel approach has enabled us to increase our sales considerably. The last number of months have been our best performing months to date, and we owe this to the knowledge and expertise of the BDO Team.”- Jack Kavanagh at Smyth's Homevalue.