My Story | Hao Li (Trainee, Audit)

My Story | Hao Li (Trainee, Audit)

Name: Hao Li

Position: Audit trainee

Dated Joined BDO: November 2018 

College: UCD Michael Smurfit Business School 

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Upon completing my MSc in Quantative Finance, I realised that the analytical and documented nature of audit work was an area that I was interested in and wanted to get involved in. I enjoy learning how different types of entities operate in a real-world business setting, and how they are regulated under laws and standards.  

Why BDO? 

I attended the UCD campus graduate fair and spoke to several BDO employees who provided me with an insight into the company and the variety of work and range of clients that graduates get to work with. I was impressed by how positively the BDO employees spoke of their experiences and following this, I attended a presentation hosted by BDO partners, seniors and current graduates. This gave me the opportunity to meet more formally with their staff and ask questions about the work-life balance as a trainee, the variety of work and the range of clients they work with. My interactions with the BDO partners and seniors really gave me a sense of the open and friendly atmosphere – something that made them stand out from the other companies.  

In my interview, I got an opportunity talk to one of the audit partners and a manager about my personal interests, background and to gain more information about the firm’s culture. I wanted to ensure that the firm’s values and culture were the right fit for me. 

Joining BDO 

At the beginning of the graduate contract, our intake had a two-week onboarding workshop which covered the essential background knowledge and technical skills required as a trainee. We were introduced to the other services within BDO such as Tax, Consultancy, and Advisory. We also got to meet other departments such as Learning & Development, Innovation, and Clients & Markets. 

This induction programme provided me with a more detailed insight into BDO and the work that they do. It was also a great way to get to know other departments.  

Upon joining my audit team, I was allocated a “buddy” to show me the ropes, how the different systems that I would be using in my role worked, and to introduce me to my new colleagues in different departments. This “buddy” system really put me at ease and helped me integrate into the company. I got to work with different senior members of my team in my first few assignments which was extremely helpful. They guided me through certain tasks, answered all my questions and provided me with great feedback. Working on various tasks with different teams was also a great way to get to know each other.  

Enjoy most about the job 

I enjoy the structure within my team.  When I am working on a task, my manager always provides me with specific, attainable goals to ensure I understand the task at hand. This structure helps me feel confident and productive in my daily work. My manager also arranges regular meetings with me setting out different goals and targets, ensuring that I am comfortable with the work at hand and constantly learning. 

I particularly enjoy the variety that my job provides and the collaboration it involves. I have received great exposure to a number of different clients and projects, and the various assignments that I work on helps to increase my knowledge and confidence.  

Lastly, I have made so many good friends within my team. The open and friendly atmosphere in my team makes it easier to get to know my seniors and peer trainees. We have a numerous different social nights within our team, department and the overall company. Despite the difficult times we are currently experiencing, I still have regular catch ups with the other trainees through online coffee mornings, lunch over team calls and online quizzes that our managers have organised. 

I am now in my second year of training. Since joining, my role has evolved greatly and so have my responsibilities within the team. I look forward to welcoming new graduates and helping them integrate into the team.   

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