Sinéad Heaney


Executive summary


Sinéad is Partner in charge of the Corporate Investment & Business Advisory department in BDO with overall responsibility for the management and investment of Development Capital Fund and the Davy BES/EIIS Funds.



Sinéad is the Founding Director of Development Capital, the manager of Development Capital Fund. The fund is a €75 million Fund targeting mid-sized and profitable export focused companies.

The Fund's approach involves not only funding but also leveraging the experience and expertise of all of the partners in our Fund to empower our investee companies to achieve their international growth plans. Industry experts include Denis Brosnan, Alan Crosbie, Dr. Noel Kelly, Dr. Jim Mountjoy and Dr. Helen Ryan. Funding partners include Enterprise Ireland, Bank of Ireland, CRH plc, Glanbia plc and Glen Dimplex.

The combination of experienced Investment Directors, Industry Experts and Corporate Partners provide post investment support to assist management teams to maximise their growth opportunities. Sinead is a member of the Investment Committee responsible for the investment of the Fund.

Sinéad is also a Director of BES Management DAC, a joint venture company between BDO and Davy which manages the Davy BES/EIIS Funds, having been involved in the management of the Davy BES Funds for over 13 years including raising, investing and divesting over €161 million in mid-sized growing and expanding indigenous companies.

This Fund is the longest running EIIS/BES Fund Manager in the market with currently have c.€39 million under management. Sinéad is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ireland.