Navigating The Minefield Of UK/EU Data Transfers Post Brexit

Navigating The Minefield Of UK/EU Data Transfers Post Brexit

11 February 20213.00PM (GMT)

With the issues surrounding the importing and exporting of goods and services post Brexit remaining the current focus of attention for many businesses, it is important to keep in mind the minefield of UK/EU data transfers. 

At BDO Eaton Square, we understand the challenges that many of our clients are facing in this area and are delighted to announce that our partner, PrivacyEngine, is hosting a webinar to educate us on the real impact Brexit is having on EU/UK data transfers, and how to successfully navigate the issues.

PrivacyEngine is a market leader in data protection and privacy management software and solutions and have been partners to BDO Eaton Square since July 2020.

The webinar, "Navigating the Minefield Of UK/EU Data Transfers Post Brexit", will take place on Thursday, February 11th at 3pm, and will be presented by 3M’s Data Protection Manager, Hugh Jones.

The webinar will cover the 'additional safeguards' outlined by the European Data Protection Board on foot of Schrems II, the designation of a lead supervisory authority, elected representatives, and what the changes mean for the location of your data protection officer.

You can register for the event above or please contact Sean Courtney, Director, BDO Eaton Square for more information at

**Please note that clicking on the registration link above will direct you to the PrivacyEngine website and acts as permission for BDO Eaton Square to get in contact following the webinar to see if we can support you

Our partnership

The Privacy Engine platform helps businesses and organisations manage their privacy and compliance requirements while BDO support in the delivery of the platform and related services to help companies effectively manage their data protection programmes.