WEBINAR | Cyber security in the aircraft leasing sector

WEBINAR | Cyber security in the aircraft leasing sector

Wednesday, 12th October01:00pm-02:00pm

Join Eoghan Daly, Cybersecurity Director for his webinar on "Cyber security in the aircraft leasing sector".

Air transport is a vital industry that contributes substantially to economic development and the improvement of living standards. It is indispensable to the global economy. The increased reliance on digital infrastructure and the rapid adoption of emerging technologies has further exacerbated vulnerabilities and increased inequalities in governance practices between countries, industries and businesses. Cyber security failure and tech governance failure are among the top mid-term global threats for the sector.

During this webinar Eoghan covered:

  • the threats most relevant for the aircraft leasing sector;
  • key industry initiatives and
  • what organisations can do to protect themselves.