Brexit News

Brexit News

Article: Export Health Certificates

7th July 2021

If you operate a food business in Ireland and intend to export food to establishments outside of the EU, (i.e. third countries, GB is now a third country), it is imperative that you understand the requirements in order to ensure that you are in a position to request the Export Health Certificates.


Expert commentary: Australia-British trade deal could hit Irish agri-food exporters

15th June 2021

Carol Lynch, Partner in Customs and International Trade, joins Brian Finn on RTE Morning Ireland to discuss the British-Australia trade deal and its implications for Irish agri-food exporters.


News: Customs Clearance Training

2nd June 2021

Do you move goods across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom? If so, then you need to be prepared. Customs will affect you and your business model. Be proactive and get ready.


News: Additional Support for Declaron users

26th April 2021

For clients who wish to combine the benefits of the Declaron system with the added support of a customs agent who will lodge declarations onyour behalf, we have developed two additional service offerings to enhance the existing Declaron Customs Clearance Solution.


News: The Importation of Composite Food products into the EU from 21/04/2021

16th April 2021

Do you operate a food business in Ireland and import or intend importing composite food products from establishments outside of the EU (i.e. third countries including Great Britain)? If so, it is imperative that you understand the new requirements for importing those composite food products into Ireland that come into effect from 21st April 2021.


Newsletter: Export requirements for food operators trading with the UK

11th March 2021 

If you operate a food business in Ireland and export food to the UK (i.e. third countries), it is imperative that you understand the requirements for exporting food in order to avoid delays at the port and ensure your food exports meet the entry requirements of the UK. These requirements are in addition to customs formalities. 


Brochure: Setting up for importing and exporting with the UK

22nd February 2021

Irish businesses are now required to implement new, complex customs procedures to enable imports and exports to continue. At BDO, we have a team of experts available to help your business understand the new procedures. 


Article: Your Customs and Tax Questions Answered

28th January 2021

Dr David Savage, Senior Manager, Customs and International Trade answers some frequently asked questions from horse owners on tax issues in The Irish Field.


Article: The Customs Rules are Here to Stay

21st January 2021

Carol Lynch, Partner, Customs and International Trade Services, shares her insights into difficulties that businesses have been experiencing with customs formalities post-Brexit, aswell as useful tips to help with these initial problems, in Chartered Accountants Ireland.


News: Irish officials raise queries with EU over disruptive post-Brexit 'rules of origin'

18th January 2021

Carol Lynch, Partner, BDO Customs and International Trade featured in The Irish Times, discussing the 'rules of origin' restrictions that are disrupting supply chains from mainland Europe to Ireland.


Article: 'Don't get caught out' - Irish trainers warned to have documents ready ahead of post-Brexit Cheltenham

18th January 2021

Ciara Dillon, Head of Food/Drink and Agri-Business, featured in The Irish Independent clarifying the implications of Brexit on Irish horses running in Britain, ahead of Cheltenham Festival. 


Article: Carol Lynch puts forward solution to "Percy Pig" tariffs problem

15th January 2021

Carol Lynch, Partner, Customs & International Trade, features on RTÉ to discuss a solution to the Brexit “Percy Pig” problem, that could potentially result in Irish retailers avoiding having to pay hundreds of millions of euro in tariffs each year.


Article: Brexit Compliance Requirements just as prohibitive as tariffs

14th January 2021

Carol Lynch, Partner, Customs and International Trade Services featured in the Irish Farmers Journal after speaking on a live webinar organised by the Irish Farmers Journal on what Brexit means for Ireland’s agri-food industry. 


Article: EU Autonomous Tariff Suspensions Scheme

14th January 2021

As an importer/exporter are you aware of the EU Autonomous Tariff Suspensions Scheme? The EU Autonomous Tariff Suspensions scheme allows companies to request a 0% duty rate to apply to their import, where they can show these imports are necessary for manufacturing operations in Europe and are not available from EU suppliers.


Article: New Year - New Trade Rules for Agri-Business 

7th January 2021

Ciara Dillon, Director and Head of Food/Drink and Agri-Business featured in AgriLand discussing the new trade rules for agri-business, along with the short-term implications and long-term considerations for agri-business.


Expert Commentary: Brexit | Update on EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement

4th January 2021

BDO Customs and International Trade team provide a summary of the new origin rules to comply with from 1 January under the EU-UK Trade Agreement.


Article: Prepare For Brexit

1st December 2020

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union will trigger fundamental changes in the way organisations do business. BDO strongly advises traders to prioritise Brexit preparations now to get tariff mitigation procedures in place and to avoid the panic that will inevitably accompany the 31st of December 2020.


Article: Urgent need for businesses to get to grips with the new customs rules

17th November 2020

With Brexit on the horizon, Irish businesses need to act now in order to prepare for trading with the UK post 31st December 2020. Carol Lynch, Partner, BDO Customs and International Trade (CITS), recently featured in the Irish Examiner to discuss the workshops and outline  the steps that businesses need to prioritise in order to prepare for trading with the UK post 31st December 2020. 


Article: Brexit: Where are we now

10 November 2020

Carol Lynch, Partner, BDO Customs and International Trade features in Finance Dublin and discusses the customs procedures that will come into effect 1 January 2021. Revenue have issued letters and made follow up calls to ensure all Irish companies are aware of the fact that a full economic Brexit will come into effect at 11pm on 31st December and understand that there is nothing that will happen between now and the end of the year that will change the Brexit impact.


Article: Almost half of Irish businesses unprepared for Brexit

09 November 2020

Four in ten Irish businesses have yet to start planning for post-Brexit trade arrangements, according to research carried out on behalf of Declaron – the new customs clearance service established as a joint venture between BDO and Fexco.


That Great Business Show - Podcast

09 October 2020

Carol Lynch, Partner, BDO Customs & International Trade, joins Conall O Móráin and Jaime Heaslip to discuss the steps that businesses need to take now to prepare for January 1st. Carol's segment begins at 33:40 mins.


Customs: Eight steps to get Brexit ready

09 October 2020

Carol Lynch, Partner, BDO Customs and International Trade discusses the necessary steps to get ready for Brexit for Enterprise Ireland.


Brexit: Making sure your customs declaration form is accurate

08 October 2020

Carol Lynch, Partner, BDO Customs & International Trade discusses the importance of understanding customs and the potential pitfalls when completing a customs declaration form for Enterprise Ireland.


Brexit: Where Do We Stand Now?

29 September 2020

Carol Lynch and Ben Twomey discuss the current status of negotiations and recomendations for Irish importers and exporters in preparing for Brexit in the Irish Tax Review | Issue 3, 2020.


BDO and Fexco partner to launch new customs clearance service, Declaron

18 September 2020

BDO and Fexco today announced the launch of a new specialist customs clearance service, Declaron, to assist Irish businesses manage the substantial increase in customs clearance documentation which will take effect from January 1st, 2021, post-Brexit.


BDO Optimism Index 2020 Q2

17 August 2020

Brexit remains another concern, with just under half of businesses claiming that it will negatively impact their business - the lowest level since 2017.


Expert Commentary: Brexit | June updates

15 June 2020

Following the fourth round of post Brexit talks between the UK and EU, there are a number of key updates.


Article: UK announce post Brexit Tariff schedule

19 May 2020

The British Government has today announced the introduction of the UK Global Tariff which will come into effect on 01 January 2021. Carol Lynch, Partner, summarises how UK exports in sectors key to the Irish economy will be affected by the UK Global Tariff Schedule.

Brexit | Where are we now?

12 May 2020
While it might seem that we are in the same position as last year; the reality is that the UK is now a non-EU country; as noted by the Tanáiste in the Dáil on May 07th. In advance of the 3rd negotiating round; we look at how things stand currently, what the next steps will include and the key questions that Importers and Exporters are asking.

Put a plan in place to be Brexit-ready

17 February 2020

Carol Lynch, Partner, speaks to The Sunday Business post on the importance of preparing for new trading standards with the UK before its transition period ends in December.


Planning for Trade Issues 2020 | Trade Wars

05 February 2020

Read our Customs & International Trade team's insight into potential Trade Wars that may put Irish businesses in a vulnerable position in 2020.


Planning for Trade Issues 2020 | Dual-use & export controls

05 February 2020

The European Union operates a system of controls of sensitive items from its Member States. Our experts can assist companies determine their level of risk with regards to exportation of dual-use items and liaise with the Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation on their behalf with the purpose of securing an export licence.


Brexit Customs Training

03 February 2020

Do you move goods across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom? If so, then you need to be prepared. Customs will affect you and your business model. Be proactive and get ready.


How Can Businesses Prepare for Brexit

31 January 2020

As of Friday, 31st January, the United Kingdom has left the European Union. What does this mean for your business?


EU "quick fixes" change VAT on cross-border tranactions live from 1 January 2020

07 January 2020

Regardless of Brexit, new harmonised rules across the EU will make practical changes to the way businesses deal with cross-border tranactions.


Brexit Focused Workshops Customs & Finance

09 October 2019

BDO are delighted to be presenting at a series of Brexit workshops hosted by AIB during September and October in several venues throughout Ireland.


BDO Optimism Index Q2 2019

02 September 2019

Business optimism takes a significant hit as two thirds of Irish businesses now expect Brexit to have a negative impact.


EU - US trade war - what Irish firms should do

21 April 2019

Carol Lynch, Partner, contributes to The Sunday Business Post discussing what steps companies should take in light of recent trade talks between the EU and the US.


Anything to declare? You might do soon

18 February 2019

BDO partner Carol Lynch is urging Irish businesses to prepare for new trading standards with Britain post-Brexit.


Carol Lynch comments on alternatives to Border backstop and HMRC’s simplified customs checks

05 February 2019

Carol Lynch, Partner, Customs and International Trade Services was recently featured in The Irish Times articles ‘UK looking for alternatives to Border backstop. Do they exist?’ and ‘Border trade not covered by simplified ‘no deal’ customs checks, UK says’.


LISTEN: Irish Farmer's Journal Weekly Podcast Ep. 202

31 January 2019

Carol Lynch, Partner, Customs and International Trade Services spoke to Thomas Hubert on the Irish Farmer's Journal Weekly Podcast, episode 202, about the technicalities involved when shipping agri-food products to and from the UK in a no-deal Brexit.


The aviation sector and Brexit

24 January 2019

Carol Lynch, Partner, Customs and International Trade Services was recently featured in The Irish Times’ special report on the aviation finance industry.


37% of Irish Businesses fear a ‘no deal Brexit’ will have a negative impact on jobs within their organisation – BDO Optimism Index

14 December 2018

BDO Quarterly Optimism Index: Despite Brexit uncertainty, optimism levels among Irish businesses have improved by 2.9% compared with Q3 2017, the biggest jump in Q3 since 2014.


Carol Lynch speaks to Cliff Taylor on 'How the Brexit withdrawal deal would limit damage to Ireland'

14 November 2018

Carol Lynch, Partner, comments in The Irish Times* on how the drafted withdrawal agreement could mitigate the burden for Ireland.


LISTEN: Tony Connelly's Brexit Republic Speaks to Carol Lynch

09 November 2018

Carol Lynch, Partner, was recently featured on Tony Connelly's 'Brexit Republic' podcast to speak about what will happen to Irish businesses from a customs perspective if no deal is agreed, or later if a free trade agreement is reached.


‘Brexit risks for farming grow more real as talks go down to the wire’ – Carol Lynch’s analysis on Irish Independent Farming

16 October 2018

While Brexit talks hit another impasse over the weekend ahead of tomorrow’s EU Summit in Belgium, the risk for the agriculture and food sector is becoming increasingly real.


Irish companies stockpile goods in UK to counter no-deal Brexit

25 September 2018

Carol Lynch, Partner, comments in the Financial Times and The Irish Times on the impact of Brexit and the availability of warehousing space for companies reviewing their supply chains.


Customs Training for Brexit

24 August 2018

Do you move goods across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom? If so, then you need to be prepared. Customs will affect you and your business model. Be proactive and get ready.


Are you Brexit Ready?

22 August 2018

The EU Council met during the last week in June to discuss a range of issues from Migration, to the growing Global Trade tensions and deterioration in EU-US relations along with the reform of the Economic and Monetary Unit.


Housing and Brexit are Worrying Irish Firms

12 July 2018

BDO survey finds 30% of companies want housing supply improved


Brexit Uncertainy is Ireland's Gain

03 July 2018

Katharine Byrne, Partner Corporate Finance, comments in the Sunday Business Post 2018 Corporate Transactions Report. 


Contingency Planning in the Event of a Hard Brexit

27 June 2018

As the Brexit negotiations stall there is increasing concern on whether a Hard Brexit will come into effect on 29 March 2019.


Time Running Out for Bosses to Brexit-Proof Businesses and Get Ahead

21 May 2018

The European chief negotiator for the UK exiting the EU, Michel Barnier, has stated that the solution to Ireland’s border issue must be found before June’s European Council summit, if there is to be any hope of completing the final Withdrawal Agreement by October. However, this now seems unlikely.


Brexit Impact on Hauliers, Freight Forwarders & Exporters

10 May 2018

From a continental perspective, 56.8% of Irish exports by value are delivered to other European countries and this figure is expected to grow further.


Brexit Funding Support

10 May 2018

As a follow on to our piece on this last year we find companies often ask what supports are out there to prepare for Brexit.


Carol Lynch Comments Used in Business Plus Article - 'Scoping Brexit'

03 May 2018

BDO Ireland has set up a Brexit tast force to help its clients prepare for changes looming on the horizon. The financial services firm is helping clients to assess and map out their supply chains, as well as providing guidance on the....


Shine a Spotlight on the Chain...

01 May 2018

Carol Lynch, Partner with BDO customs and International Trade Services, comments on post-Brexit trading in the Sunday Business Post.


Optimism on the Rise in Irish Business

25 April 2018

BDO’s ‘Optimism Index’ has been tracking business sentiment on a quarterly basis since 2011 and has found Irish businesses to be....


Brexit Status - What Now?

22 March 2018

A lot has happened in March 2018 in relation to Brexit and its impact for Irish exporters.


The Latest on Brexit Negotiations

07 March 2018

Carol Lynch, Partner at BDO Customs and International Trade, provides commentary on today's speech by Donald Tusk, European Council President.


Brexit Update on Theresa May's Speech: Time to start planning is now

02 March 2018

Carol Lynch, Partner, BDO Customs and International Trade provides commentary on today's speech from the British Prime Minister.


Concern for NI-ROI Border Options with EU Draft Exit Agreement

01 March 2018

The draft agreement confirms that the first preference of the EU, along with the UK, is to conclude a Trade Agreement between the two territories.