Prepare a Brexit Plan

Prepare a Brexit Plan

It is essential to analyse how the post-Brexit environment will affect your business. This is particularly important in order to understand how these changes could affect overall business strategy and long-term strategic goals.

Creating a platform to ensure discussion amongst key senior leaders will allow your business to build flexibility into your business plan and develop a roadmap for change management in the medium-long term. 

Businesses that can react in an agile and well planned way will be best placed to succeed.

How can BDO assist with planning:  

  • Draft a strategy report, look at the timetable to implementation and work backwards, to ensure you have all your requirements in place.
  • Provide assistance and support in obtaining the grants and loans available from Government and other sources to off-set the costs of restructuring.
  • Provide supply chain planning and restructuring advice.

If you would like to discuss how best to tackle your business strategy, please contact Derry Gray, or +353 1 470 0350.