Leadership & Governance

Leadership & Governance

Internal Audit & Risk

Companies need to be agile and be able to adapt to new and changing circumstances. Defining your risk universe and developing practical policies, procedures, and contingency plans to deal with identified risks needs to be high on the agenda of every organisation and particularly those operating in the public sector.  
The release of the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies in 2016 has proven to be a very beneficial tool for public sector bodies and has led to a significant enhancement across the public sector in terms of governance structures and protocols. 

We have a dedicated Internal Audit function that can work with your organisation to ensure key operational, technological and financial aspects of your business are not only reviewed regularly but also value adding enhancements identified and implementation strategies proposed. We add value to organisations every step of the way and have significant experience in both our internal audit team and in our Advisory team in helping organisations ensure they adopt appropriate governance structures right across their organisation from Executive level, to Committee level and to Board level.  

Leadership & Organisational Design

A successful organisation understands that success depends on engaging the best available support externally as well as internally. Mastering change is the key. Organisational change always requires external input.
Leaders are aware of the importance of:
  • Activating and aligning the sense of public mission
  • Organisational core purpose and values
  • Strategy and organisational design
  • The supply and management of talent and human engagement
  • The use of technology, data, remoteness
  • Communications and promotion
  • Funding, measuring and delivering value for money and sustainability
BDO have invested in building a team with exceptional experience, reach and trust across the public sector. This means we can add real value on even the smallest intricate leadership challenge. We have also invested in staff and resources that enable us to support the largest consulting projects on a multi-disciplinary basis.
Benefits of our support to leaders in public sector have included:
  • Immediate kick-start change projects that would have not been possible due to workload of in-house teams
  • Just-in-time provision of multi-disciplinary advice and resources as a jigsaw that no single organisation would have internally –
  • Identification of best organisational and technological solutions encountered in other organisations and jurisdictions
  • Independent and evidence-based challenge and corroboration of projected and actual impacts
  • Confidential, sensitive and sure-footed access to a network of leaders, influencers and funders when exploring solutions