Special Assignee Relief Programme (SARP) Update

01 March 2018

The Special Assignee Relief Programme (“SARP”) was first introduced in Finance Act 2012 and was designed to encourage the relocation/assignment of key talent within organisations to Ireland. Successive Finance Acts since 2012 have sought to enhance the relief, making it much more accessible and attractive. 

The BDO employment tax team helps support both domestic and international organisations in dealing with global mobility related challenges.

We can assist you as follows:

  • Review availability of relief for relevant employees
  • Preparation and filing of SARP application with revenue
  • Review compensation packages/assignment policies to assess whether relief can be claimed
  • Advise on claiming the relief via payroll and working with your payroll provider to achieve this
  • Assistance with employee and employer year end returns..

To find out more about the qualifiying conditions, how the relief works, reporting requirements and how BDO can help, click on the download button below: