• Doing Business in Ireland

Doing Business in Ireland

24 March 2019

Running a business anywhere in the world can be complex and demanding. However, there are many advantages to trading in Ireland’s strong and stable business environment, and the regulatory and financial burdens of running an Irish business compare very favourably with those in many other countries.

In this guide you will find information on the following:

  1. Ireland's investment rankings, talent and skills, infrastructure and regulatory landscape.
  2. Choosing and setting up a business structure.
  3. Acquiring an existing company.
  4. Business finance.
  5. Financial management reporting, audit and tax.
  6. Acquiring, holding and disposing of land buildings.
  7. The employment of staff, including local hire and expatriate.
  8. Import and export of goods and services into and out of Ireland.
  9. Ceasing to have a presence in Ireland.
  10. Useful organisations, contacts and further information.