A Guide To Selling Your Business

16 January 2020

The sale of your business is the ultimate reward for the risk and the effort that you have put into your business over many years. Key objectives of the sale process vary from vendor to vendor, however they almost always include maximising the sale price and finding the right 'new home' for the business.

BDO Corporate Finance is proud to release its "Guide To Selling Your Business", in which we outline the key steps in the sale process:

  • Preparing the business for sale
  • Understanding the likely value and preferred deal structure
  • Completing thorough tax planning
  • Collating information and preparing an information memorandum
  • Identifying and contacting potential buyers
  • Holding first meetings and receiving indicative offers
  • Holding further meetings with short listed buyers and receiving revised offers
  • Undertaking further negotiations and entering into a heads of agreement
  • Completing the due diligence process
  • Completing legal documentation and finalising the scale.

A structured sale process can be time consuming, and having advisers you can trust to value add in assisting you to achieve your objectives is vital.