Key issues which caused delays on imports to the EU in 2021 post Brexit

We are advising exporters to review the key issues which caused delays on imports to the EU in 2021 post Brexit. Understanding these issues will ensure that you are prepared for exporting to GB in 2022.

Root cause analysis of the key issues that have disrupted businesses importing/exporting from a third country since 1 January 2021:

  1. Lack of understanding - Food Business Operators not fully understanding the requirements or the process for importing/exporting. This continues to result in consignments arriving without the correct documentation or pre-notification being completed. 

  2. Failing to prepare – Food Business Operators need to talk to all parties in the supply chain (exporter, haulage company, customs broker/in house personnel) to define who is doing what in the import/export journey.

Recommendations for Food Business Operators who are importing to Ireland for the first time   

  • Compile a product portfolio to categorise your product(s) and determine the import/export requirements.

  • Determine if your product is subject to official controls - document and record the basis of your decision.

  • Record the importer and exporter obligations in the supply chain - is the exporter aware of obligations to obtain an export health certificate?  Can the exporter email you a colour scanned copy of the export health certificate?  

  • Determine who is completing the Common Health Entry Document and Border Control Post notification - have you the necessary system access?  

  • Review your customs import declaration - are you inserting the necessary import code and Common Health Entry Document Reference number?

  • Consider your document retention and retrieval - have you a robust process in place for each import from both a customs perspective and a sanitary and phytosanitary perspective? 

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