Cybersecurity Woman of the World 2023 nominee, Simbiat Sadiq

Cybersecurity Woman of the World 2023 nominee, Simbiat Sadiq

Dive into the world of cybersecurity with our featured guest, Simbiat Sadiq, a trailblazing woman in the field.

In this video, we celebrate her nomination for Cybersecurity Woman of the World—an esteemed recognition. If you're on the go, catch the insightful interview in podcast format for a listening experience that's just as enriching. Join us as we explore the realm of cybersecurity through Simbiat's expertise and experiences.

Simbiat's Cybersecurity journey: a quest driven by curiosity

Simbiat embarked on her journey in cybersecurity, driven by sheer curiosity and a desire to do something different. Hailing from Nigeria, she pursued this path at a time when cybersecurity was relatively uncharted territory in her community. Through determination and a thirst for knowledge, she has not only made her mark in Nigeria but also across various sectors and countries. Simbiat's journey showcases the breadth and excitement that cybersecurity offers, emphasising the continual learning and growth that captivates her.

The multifaceted appeal of Cybersecurity

One of the many aspects Simbiat loves about her work in cybersecurity is the perpetual challenge it presents. The field's vastness allows her to engage in diverse activities, ensuring that monotony is never a concern. Furthermore, the humbling experience of learning from colleagues, whether junior or senior, reinforces her passion for continuous growth and development. Simbiat's love for the excitement of facing challenges head-on underscores the necessity of cybersecurity in today's business landscape.

Empowering Women in STEM: advice from Simbiat

If you are a woman interested in leadership or maybe aspiring to enter STEM fields, Simbiat shares valuable advice with you in this interview. She feels the struggle, particularly for those interested in the more technical sectors, like cybersecurity. She emphasises the importance of exploring various areas within STEM, allowing yourself to discover your true passion and interests. Simbiat also underscores the need to find mentors, peers, or communities that align with your journey and aspirations, highlighting the pivotal role these relationships will play in your personal and professional growth.

Key Cybersecurity considerations: Secure World

Cybersecurity Month's theme, "Secure World," encapsulates a powerful message: cybersecurity is not limited to businesses alone; it's a concern for everyone. Simbiat sheds light on four critical considerations that affect individuals and businesses alike:

  • Strong Password Management

Creating strong passwords and managing them securely is a fundamental aspect of cybersecurity. Simbiat advocates for a central repository to handle the multitude of passwords we generate for businesses and personal accounts, promoting a proactive approach to password security.

  • Vigilance against Phishing

Understanding and identifying phishing attempts is crucial. Simbiat encourages us all, as individuals and in our businesses, to educate our employees and communities about phishing risks, fostering a collective effort to combat this pervasive threat.

  • Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication

Utilising multi-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security, reducing the risks associated with password-based logins. Simbiat highlights the importance of this approach to enhance account security.

  • Regular Software Updates

Updating software is paramount for both individuals and businesses. Keeping applications up-to-date ensures that potential vulnerabilities are addressed, minimising the risk of exploitation.

Evolving threat landscape: AI and Cybersecurity

Simbiat addresses the evolving threat landscape, noting the influence of AI. While AI has revolutionised numerous facets of our lives, it has also empowered cybercriminals to craft sophisticated phishing emails, making vigilance and caution more crucial than ever. One simple but very important advice she offers is to Pause before clicking links and opening doors to potential cyber criminals.


Extending security: Third-party considerations

In today's interconnected world, businesses collaborate with numerous partners and service providers. Simbiat underscores the need for businesses to assess not only their own security but also that of their partners. Managing third-party risks is vital to ensure a robust cybersecurity posture for the entire ecosystem.

In conclusion, Simbiat's journey in cybersecurity and her dedication to promoting a secure digital world are both inspiring and enlightening. At BDO, we are proud of having her among our colleagues and we're grateful for her efforts. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, let's take note of her valuable insights and commit ourselves to fostering a safer online environment for all.

Watch Simbiat's interview here or listen to the podcast on-the-go, her life and cyber lessons are worth the time. 

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