Finance Dublin -Irish Tax Monitor | September 2023

September 2023 of Finance Dublin’s Irish Tax Monitor edition unravels the latest developments in tax regulations and their implications for businesses. The insights into the dynamic changes in Ireland's Research & Development Tax Credit and the proposed legislative measures addressing outbound payments are brought to you by 2 experts in the matter. 
Mark O'Sullivan, Partner, R&D Incentives for BDO Ireland, explores the recent revisions to the R&D Tax Credit guidelines. He explains the practical implications of these updates, emphasising the accelerated payment options and streamlined mechanisms for credit distribution. 

Learn about the proposed legislative measures addressing double non-taxation in outbound payments with Lee Kavanagh, Assistant Manager in Financial Services Tax at BDO. Lee offers insights into the potential impacts of these regulations on interest, royalties, and dividends paid to associated entities in specified territories.

Read the full articles below to discover the implications of these tax regulation changes to your organisation.