International Tech Hubs 2023

Insights from BDO's on-the-ground experts in each country and region testify to the sheer dynamism, diversity, and potential of the technology industry.

The technology hubs’ significance in shaping the future of nations and the global tech market is unparalleled. The hubs are beacons of innovation, producing groundbreaking solutions that redefine our personal and professional lives. They are powerhouses for job creation, drawing in the best talent from around the globe. Their contributions can catapult economic growth, leading nations towards unparalleled prosperity.

Documenting each hub, BDO's experts have taken several factors into account.

They include an overview of the technology landscape, exploring the pioneering start-ups and tech giants that call each hub home. The encompassing tech ecosystem, from educational institutions to incubators, also took centre stage in our research. Simultaneously, we have explored and evaluated the level of government support—whether through policies or financial incentives. Finally, we have analysed the investment landscape, understanding that the flow of capital is the lifeblood of tech innovation.

It's imperative to understand how the ripples of technology reach far beyond the tech sector. They spread, influencing, and reshaping all industries — from healthcare and finance to agriculture and entertainment. By delving into the world of tech hubs, we can gain insights that might inspire the next evolutionary leap in other sectors - and the formation of future tech hubs.

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Content adapted from BDO Global.