Techtonic States

84% of business leaders say that smart adoption and harnessing of technology will make or break business success in today’s challenging and ever-changing business world.

Techtonic States is a ground-breaking thought leadership study by BDO Digital that envisions four distinct worlds in 2026 and the implications they have for organisations today. The study is based on a combination of scenario planning and opinion research among 500 business leaders. In every one of these four scenarios, advanced technology emerges as the driving force, enabling organisations to grasp opportunities, mitigate risks and enhance their resilience.

Key findings from our global study include:
  • 86% of leaders said that failure to leverage the benefits of tech (including AI) and data is a risk that would impact their organisation over the next three years
  • 75% believe that lack of tech expertise is the greatest risk to their organisation’s growth.
  • 84% of business leaders say their organisation will only survive if it significantly accelerates its technological innovation.
Ric Opal, Global Leader for BDO Digital, says “The next three years promise rewards for those who can welcome change and navigate adeptly. That’s as much about a culture which is open to experimentation as it is about innovative technology. Building partnerships with consultancies which understand this overlap enables an approach much more likely to produce meaningful results”.

The purpose of the BDO report is not to predict the future with certainty. Rather, we aim to empower business leaders to be proactive architects of their destinies. In a world where the pace of change is relentless, we believe that the ability to plan for multiple plausible futures is a strategic imperative, and that by embracing technology we can future-proof our organisations and avoid major fault lines. Our report outlines not just potential outcomes but also highlights the actions business leaders could take to embrace opportunities and reduce risks in each scenario.

We believe this report will help business and public sector leaders to embrace the spirit of preparedness, adaptability, and innovation. By doing so, we can face the challenges of tomorrow stronger and more resilient than ever before. The stakes are high, and the path ahead is uncertain. The future belongs to the bold.

About BDO Digital

At BDO Digital, we pride ourselves on being a trusted technology partner to our clients. We combine the power of technology, human intelligence, and business expertise to work alongside clients in transforming their business and unlocking its full potential. 

BDO Digital is dedicated to facilitating business growth on a global scale. We help clients strengthen their technological capabilities while safeguarding their business from potential risks. 

We always have an eye on the future, committed to helping businesses adapt and thrive in an ever-changing landscape. This report is a testament to our Strategic Digital approach, which focuses on building resilience and preparing businesses for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.