The 'Great Unretirement': Older people return to work

Niamh O'Brien, Director of BDO Talent Management recently featured on RTÉ on the 'Great Unretirement': Older people return to work.Read Niamh's full extract below: 

Addressing talent shortages

"We were all fishing in the same talent pool," said Niamh O'Brien, Director of Talent Management with BDO Ireland. "The talent shortage is still a problem, and that is why we've decided to approach things from a different angle," she explained.

"We’re targeting people who are not traditionally in the workforce - such as people who are retired, or females who have taken time out to have kids and want to return," she said.

Ms O'Brien said they're offering flexibility right across their roles, including options to work from home.

"Often people returning to the workforce don't want to have to work ridiculously long hours, they want to work on their terms, and we're really accepting of that. If they want to work three days, so long as it's feasible within the role, we can offer that. If they want to work just mornings, we can offer that. We can make the terms bespoke to what the individual is looking for," she said.

As part of the programme, BDO is offering training to help those who may need some additional support.

"I think there's a fear around technology," Ms O’Brien said. "But actually, once people come in, they realise that it is quite easy to get themselves back up to date in terms of technology. What we've done is made sure that we've put all those tools in place so that we're setting people up for success," she said.

Niamh said what the company is really looking for is life skills.

"If you're an accountant, you don't lose those skills, and also those commercial skills that people build up throughout a career," Ms O’Brien said.

For more information on BDO RETURNER PROGRAMME visit our page here.

Content adapted from RTÉ.

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