Health's Ageing Crisis: Time for Action

The provision of residential care for our ageing population is rapidly heading for crisis; however this is a situation that can, with the appropriate action, be avoided.

In light of the serious challenges presented by an ageing population, Nursing Homes Ireland (NHI) engaged BDO to undertake an independent, fact-based review of the Irish Nursing Home Sector.

The objective of the study is to help inform current and future national strategy for aged care provision and to provide guidance as to what may represent appropriate future policy responses and directions, specifically with regards to the future role of Ireland’s nursing home sector.

The report aims to identify the measures which must be taken to insure the sustainability of the sector now and into the future. The analysis was based on publicly available data and literature and included primary research, which took the form of extensive engagement with key stakeholders throughout the nursing home sector, older persons care and wider health sector.

The report identifies very startling evidence of significant demographic and population change which is currently taking place, and which Ireland is ill prepared for.

For further information, please contact:

Austin Hickey, Senior Manager, or
+353 1 470 0352

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