BDO M&A - Building Products & Services Sector Insights

13 June 2016

BDO’s Building Products & Services sector team has undertaken a review of the sector looking at M&A activity, valuations, financial performance and key industry trends from a detailed analysis of 2,000 UK companies.

It is evident that confidence has now returned to the sector, underpinned by increasing M&A activity, company valuations and sector growth. 

A number of sub-sectors have been through a period of transition in the past five years and the market landscape and forces have changed accordingly. BDO has considered these drivers and how they may impact businesses over the next year. The importance of timing is crucial for businesses when deciding to sell or grow through acquisitions.

"The fundamentals of the sector are sound and support growth and value."

John Stephen

"It is an exciting time for the Building Products & Services market, with buoyancy and confidence reflected in all of our measures. We expect the feel good factor to continue in 2016."

Mithun Patel

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