BDO Corporate Finance Healthcare

25 November 2020

Every month, the HSE releases an update on the prevailing FDR for private nursing homes operating under the Fair Deal Scheme across the country. This is the maximum price per week agreed between the nursing home and the HSE, providing an insight into not only the highest and lowest rates being achieved but also into the changes occurring on a monthly basis for each individual private nursing home.

Nursing Homes under the FDR scheme allows for residents to pay only a portion of their cost of care and the remaining is paid by the HSE to the nursing home.

For the past number of years, our Healthcare team in Corporate Finance has analysed these changes, noting trends and patterns on a county by county basis and an all country basis. We have now prepared this report, the first of what will be a quarterly series, to highlight these changes, assisting operators and healthcare providers across the country. Download the Analysis of The National Treatment Fund (NTPF) Agreed Private Nursing Home Fair Deal Rate (FDR) Change in September 2020 Report below.


BDO’s Healthcare Team provides the following Corporate Finance Services:

• Development financing and restructuring

• Financial due diligence

• Rescue, recovery & turnaround

• Mergers & acquisitions

• NTPF negotiations

If you would like to seek advice on taking action from this report, please contact BDO’s Corporate Finance Healthcare team.