BDO Global Opportunities for relocation 2018

21 February 2019

Globally we see legislative and regulatory changes increasing the cross border flow of foreign individuals and investment – in part through tax.  People relocate for many different reasons – climate, education, life style and business opportunities – and different locations appeal to different people. However, there is always one common theme irrespective of where individuals choose to relocate – tax.

Compiled through the contributions of BDO’s private client tax specialists from BDO member firms worldwide, Global Opportunities for Relocation 2018 provides an overview of tax regimes in some 40 jurisdictions, including the most popular locations where, based on our experience, people choose to live.

Ireland has a favourable tax regime for inward expatriates; offering a 'remittance basis' regime as an alternative to worldwide taxation, giving Irish tax resident non-domiciled individuals the option of limiting their Irish tax liability to Irish source income and capital gains only.

Foreign source employment income may escape the charge to Irish tax provided the duties of employment are not performed in Ireland and the income is not remitted to Ireland.

Eligible employees who are assigned to work in Ireland before 2015 (under current legislation) from abroad for a period of between one to five years may be entitled to an income tax exemption on a proportion of their salaries under a special regime.

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