Covid-19: A Local Authority Roadmap to Respond, Renew & Recover

15 July 2020

At BDO, we acknowledge the challenging position that local authorities are in at the moment. Sectors have experienced various scale of loss from trained staff, business model impacts, scale of reopening costs, supply chain disruption, and balance sheet rebuild to name a few. A vision must be set for what recovery and the future will look like for our communities.

BDO have continued to work with clients, even under these uncertain times of restructuring, to help formulate their vision into reality. DOWNLOAD our roadmap for recovery to read our key recommendations for the public sector; our "rapid response" methodologies for recovery; and how our team of experts can assist in finding a tailor-made solution for you.


At BDO, we have an offering which will allow for an affordable service to enable a quick-thinking turnaround for your local authority. While Covid-19 may be a one off event, we will still develop a high quality result for you. Contact a member the BDO Public Sector Team to find out more.