• Introducing Declaron

    The Customs Clearance Solution for your business


Introducing Declaron

24 June 2020

After many stops and starts, long negotiations and last minute compromises, it is now confirmed that there will be no extension to the Transition Period.

This means that on 1 January 2021 the Transition Period will end and all Irish Importers and Exporters trading with the UK will be required to lodge Import and Export Declarations.

With estimates being reported that an additional 3,000 brokers will be required from 1 January 2021, the message was clear – there was a need to find a solution that would provide a next generation customs clearance option. 

Recognising this great need, BDO have joined forces with Fexco to develop Declaron - a Customs Clearance Solution for Irish business. 

Designed by Ireland’s leading customs experts, BDO, and harnessing the technology capabilities of Fexco, the Declaron solution will be:

  1. Highly automated, efficient and controlled by you;
  2. Compliant with all EU and UK Post Brexit Requirements; 
  3. Built to AEO standards; and 
  4. Supported by BDOs Customs Experts with the backing of a Global Customs Team.

Declaron addresses all of your import/export clearance requirements, adding value to your business through automated solutions. Declaron will provide you with dedicated support services, pre-Brexit training and guidance to prepare your company for the new customs clearance requirements.

Register your interest today with the dedicated Declaron team to find out more:


For further information and to register please visit www.declaron.ie.