• Data Migration

Data Migration

Organisations struggle with data migration, moving data from one software system to another can be extremely challenging – this is the bit no one likes yet it is crucial.

The answer is all in the detail, planning the move and mitigating any risks by simplifying and automating the process as much as possible.

We have vast experience in this area and our process is streamlined with pre built data migration tools.

Our Solutions:

  • Established process to collate, document and format your data to the required format for feeding into various destination systems
  • Business and Technical consultants to facilitate the process
  • Dedicated Data Strategy process to suit your organisation
  • Experienced people who know and understand data



By the end of the data migration process our clients will have:

  • Clarity on data, clearly understanding it and its purpose within the business
  • Migrated a clean set of data to meet the organisations comprehensive data integrity requirements
  • A new system or warehouse sitting on clean and well documented data
  • Minimised manual efforts required through automated solutions, reduced the ask on project team resources and reduced any unnecessary disruptions to daily business operations
  • Significant project cost savings