• Culture


We believe in three levels of culture; basic underlying assumptions which exist at the root of the organisation,
espoused values which are clear for all to hear not do and finally artefacts which are visible but hard to decipher. 

Our solutions go beyond the normal culture survey and tackle the real issues of culture that is not often

Our Solutions:

  • Understanding the current culture – making the implicit explicit
  • Defining the culture topology and identifying the conflicts
  • Managing the business dilemmas
  • Reinterpreting the myths
  • Creating new symbols, images, rituals, metaphors and values


By the end of the culture Programme, companies will have:

  • Clarity on the existing culture and the conflicts that exist within the business
  • Identified the different typology per area and the issues and needs of each
  • Clearly articulated and discussed the dilemmas to agree on a future state
  • Defined the new culture and learning by outlining symbols, rituals and values the company can work towards
  • Defined a set of Leadership and employee values and behaviours
  • Implemented a system for measuring the culture on an ongoing basis