• Organisation Design

Organisation Design

Organisation design is much more than just structure; it takes processes, metrics, governance and strategy into perspective. We lead organisations through an Organisation Design process testing the extremities of the design to get to the right answer for your organisation. The output is a collaborative process that delivers an aligned organisation set up to deliver its long-term strategy. 

Our Solutions:


  • Current structure review by survey and 1:1 interviews
  • Understanding of the current and future strategic intent providing design principles and criteria
  • Comparator analysis across industry and sectors
  • Design workshops with the executive team to facilitate the future structure design
  • Implementation of the future structure and the change
  • impact delivered across the organisation. 


By the end of a successful organisation design project, companies will have:

  • Full review of the current structure across multiple elements, structure, strategy, culture, skills, measurement, processes
  • Identification of the major trends, issues and opportunities with the existing structure
  • Comparator analysis of other organisations structures beyond your industry and sector
  • A set of new structures designed by the Executive team with a recommendation on what best will deliver the strategy
  • An aligned Executive team