• CEO Aspirations

CEO Aspirations

When a new CEO takes on the role one of their first tasks is to define their Aspirations for the business and everyone is waiting...

Simply understanding the elements of an aspiration is key to success for the CEO.

Our Solutions:

  • Board Ambition workshops to get their input up front
  • Mission/Purpose reviews to understand if change is required
  • Storytelling workshops to unearth the true identity of the organisation
  • Vision workshops to develop a vivid description of the future
  • Values definition that resonate with all employees


By the end of the aspiration setting companies will have:

  • Clear input from the Board on their ambition for the company which can be used as a lens for strategy development
  • Mission or Purpose reviewed to understand if this needs to change
  • The true identity of the firm discussed to ensure the heritage is not lost and traditions are maintained and brought forward
  • Clear vision for the company detailing vividly what this looks like across multiple elements (Finance, Customers, Operations, HR, IT, Culture) including what goals will be achieved
  • A set of values defined that lays the foundations for the culture of the organisation and a process outlined for how these can be communicated and delivered.