• Leadership Ambition, Aspirations & Behaviours

Leadership Ambition, Aspirations & Behaviours

Uprooting mindsets, aligning aspirations and behaviours allows the undiscussable to become discussable. 

We have also developed a unique method for supporting Executive Teams in developing their aspirations for the business. 

Our Solutions:

  • Executive Ambition workshops to bring the head and heart of the Executive team to the table
  • Vision workshops to develop a vivid description of the future and goals to be achieved
  • Leadership behaviour workshops and intervention development


By the end of the process companies will be able to:

  • Clarity on each Executive team member basic taken for granted, shared view of the business and its environment and of the scope of strategic management
  • Clear ambition from the Executive Team and what they want from the strategy for themselves personally and the company
  • Clear vision for the company detailing vividly what this looks like across multiple elements (Finance, Customers, Operations, HR, IT, Culture) including what goals will be achieved
  • Change readiness assessment with the executive Team and clarity on where each of their heads are at, are they up for the challenge
  • Evaluation of the current Leadership behaviours and a set of interventions designed to change behaviour