• Strategy Implementation

Strategy Implementation

Companies generally fail at Strategy implementation because they lack an overarching management system.  At BDO Eaton Square, 99% of our projects are strategy related and we have developed a management system
to allow companies govern, report and implement their strategies. We don’t tell you its red, we help you get it

Our Solutions:

  • Implementation programme design and project identification and definition
  • Project planning and 10-day PMO set up
  • Project management and experienced resource deployment across strategic project
  • Steering group and leadership direction
  • Office of strategic implementation established


By the end of a successful strategy implementation project, companies will have:

  • Generated all project plans and deliverables - monitored and managed to PMBOK standards
  • Set up a PMO or office of strategic implementation to govern strategy implementation
  • Have a governance system in place that manages the implementation and communicates to Senior Stakeholders
  • Responsibility and accountability across the business for strategy delivery
  • Have dedicated experienced resources to deliver vital parts of the project alongside internal staff