• REALISE - returning to work and succeeding in the new reality

REALISE - succeeding in the new reality

Business is meeting or exceeding market growth rates. Order rates continue to grow and the new norm of growth is established in the business.

Applying the learnings from key ‘React’ and ‘Resilience’ activities and continuing to adapt. Successfully adapting to new business models and ways of working needed to address essential and obligatory political, economic, socio-cultural and technological changes.


Succeeding in the new reality

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REALISE challenges

-    PEOPLE – Strategic hiring & talent retention 
-    STRATEGY & OPERATIONS – Performance improvement & innovation
-    RISK – Supply chain resiliency engineering
-    FINANCIALS – Growth financing
-    REGULATION – Intelligent compliance


REALISE objectives

-    Develop an Industry 4.0 strategy
-    Imagine new products / services
-    Identify target operating model
-    Connect the intelligent supply chain
-    Intelligent compliance – legal & regulatory
-    Upskill employees
-    Managing change effectively
-    Improve performance management
-    Monitor threats in real time
-    Secure capital