BDO Eaton Square – Consulting Disrupted

01 October 2018

BDO Eaton Square was recently featured on the Irish Examiner. See below to read the full article.

Who Are We?

BDO Eaton Square is the management and technology consultancy business of BDO Ireland, a leading audit, tax and advisory firm.

With Aidan McHugh and David O’Connor leading the charge since its establishment in 2012, BDO Eaton Square now employs 50 people in Cork and Dublin, and will recruit an additional 100 consultants by 2022.

The BDO Eaton Square services include organisational design, strategy development and execution, system integration with a specialism in HR system implementation.  We work with clients on projects across the public and private sector both nationally and internationally.

The Cork Office

The BDO Eaton Square Cork office has hit the ground running over the past 2 years and is now the Technology head office of BDO Eaton Square.

From highly experienced consultants to recently hired graduates, there is never a dull moment and we pride ourselves on our people. As the war for talent becomes increasingly competitive, our biggest opportunity in the next few years will be recruiting the best of what Cork has to offer. With thousands of students graduating from local universities and colleges with the skills we require, our mission is to hire the innovators, the forward-thinkers, people with vision and the hunger to succeed.

Our Style

BDO Eaton Square is a true alternative in the consulting world, offering a quality that is noticeably specialised, with the goal to becoming a globally recognised consulting brand.

The consulting market has become quite fragmented with other firms moving to a more contractor-based model. We are taking that model and turning it on its head. 

We provide senior advisory services with small dedicated teams where all input is valued and we work passionately with our clients to solve their big strategic issues. We have revolutionised and disrupted the sector in a way that benefits our clients.

Our People

In our office, we match the company’s ambitions with each person’s individual ambition and work towards achieving both together.

We rely on each other, we have fun together, and we look to always meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

When you are enjoying your work, the passion will follow, and at BDO Eaton Square, we have it in abundance. We are innovators, we relish a challenge, and we are always pushing the boundaries to deliver exceptional client service.

We show our commitment and talent through actions rather than words and we try to over-deliver for our clients every time. Every employee is proud to work for this organisation, and we are excited for what the future holds for BDO Eaton Square.