Hospitality Ireland’s ‘Dining Digital’ features BDO report for Restaurants Association of Ireland

24 October 2018

A BDO report commissioned by the Restaurants Association of Ireland was recently featured in Hospitality Ireland’s article ‘Dining Digital’. The article sheds light on the technological innovations in the restaurant industry and how some establishments are reacting to these changes in their industry.

BDO reports that:

  • 80% of restaurants had a website
  • 54% of restaurants had seen an increase in traffic to their site in the last 6 months
  • Over 60% of restaurants that had a website stated that bookings could be made through their website
  • 48% of restaurants that had a website stated they made vouchers available online

From this report, Hospitality Ireland poses the question of how restaurants survive without an online presence, taking into consideration the influence of social media on consumers’ dining preferences.

The article also discusses the critical role that online reservation systems and digital marketing plays in boosting a restaurant’s business, as explained by Fabio Fusco of You can find the full article in the October issue of Hospitality Ireland magazine, page 32.