Michael Costello featured in the Business Plus magazine

Michael Costello featured in the Business Plus magazine

Firm activity

We have been very satisfied with the performance of our firm over the past year with strong growth in the areas of Audit, Tax, Advisory and Consulting. This year we are looking forward to finding new opportunities and strengthening our connections between colleagues, clients and the wider business community.

Ireland’s SME sector after the pandemic

Some business models will no longer be viable as we emerge from the pandemic. However, for businesses that have been able to adapt, such as ramping up their ecommerce or finding new international streams of revenue, they are in a good position to recover.

Other challenges SMEs face

The rising costs of energy and materials are a stress point especially for businesses operating with smaller profit margins. The government has a role to play in supporting SMEs, and investing in them is vital for ensuring that they thrive in an everchanging business landscape.

Workplace model going forward

We made a conscious decision to engage with our people and clients in order to understand what they needed and what works for them. Our plan is shaped by their feedback and we are implementing a hybrid working model that offers flexibility, but also accommodates the way our clients do business. It is important to regularly communicate so that we are all on the same page with regards to expectations.

Attracting and competing for talent

Attracting and retaining great talent has always been competitive in our industry and now more than ever, we understand how critical it is to be a desirable employer in this market. Ultimately, our focus is on finding the right person for the job and is a great fit with the team. We are confident in what BDO has to offer and I believe we provide a different employee experience to the Big Four.

BDO’s unique selling point

We are a firm that is run by people with entrepreneurial backgrounds, and we work with many business owners to assist them with their growth and development. One of our USP’s is building solid relationships with our clients built on mutual trust, honesty and challenge. Partners are more accessible for clients, so communication is more efficient and issues are resolved much faster.

Content adapted from the Business Plus online: "After The Pandemic?" and "Our clients have emerged from the pandemic more resilient and confident"