31 January Deadline - Navigating New Export Requirements: A Guide for Irish Businesses

Starting 31 January 2024 he UK is introducing new customs and SPS requirements on all goods being imported into Britain, as part of its new Border Target Operating Model.

There are 3 key changes that will apply to Irish traders:

•    Pre-notification requirements for live animals, animal products and high and medium risk category plant products;
•    Full customs controls;
•    Health certification on medium risk animal products, plants, plant products and high risk food and feed of non-animal origin.

Below is a breakdown of what these changes entail and how will affect Irish Traders 

New Requirements:

1. Customs Declarations: GB Importers must now lodge a full UK customs declaration before the consignments departure from Ireland.

2. Goods Vehicle Movement Service:Interaction with Goods Vehicle Movement Service is necessary to obtain a goods movement reference number for ferry boarding.

3. Product Categorisation:** SPS products must be categorised into low, medium, or high risk.

4. Export Health Certificates:** Some SPS products require export health certificates and pre-notification via IPAFFS.


Irish Exporters will continue to  Lodge an Export Declaration as usual.

Additionally where acting as the Importer into GB as per your agreed incoterms: 

  • Will submit a GB full customs import declaration predeparture from Ireland. 
  • They will identify the party responsible for interaction with Goods Vehicle Movement Service for ferry boarding.  
  • Hold a GB EORI and VAT number and determine if a UK Deferred Payment Account is necessary.

In addition to customs formalities Irish FBO Exporters must ensure they are listed on the List of Establishments approved to Export to GB for SPS goods. They must identify SPS product risk categories for export to GB.  Exporters must also engage with their competent authority and understand the Export Health Certificate application process and the timelines for obtaining the EHC. They must also provide the GB Importer with a verifiable PDF copy of the original Health Certificate.

The GB importer must establish necessary Customs and SPS registrations and system access. They must also Identify the party responsible for completing Customs Declaration, GVMS entry, and 24-hour SPS IPAFFS CHED pre-notification. They must determine the Operator Responsible for the consignment if not established in the UK.


Navigating these new export requirements can be daunting, but with the right support, your business can thrive. Contact BDO today to streamline your export processes and ensure compliance with the latest regulations including: 

- Customs Clearance services.

- SPS product risk categorisation assistance.

- Completion of Irish export formalities.

- Completion of GB import formalities and GVMS requirements.

- Acting as Operator Responsible for the Consignment for IPAFFS purposes and interaction with BCP.

Adapting to regulatory changes is crucial for continued success in international trade. By understanding and fulfilling these new requirements, Irish exporters can maintain smooth operations and strengthen their partnerships with UK counterparts.

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