Life Skills, Leadership, and BDO's Sporting Champions

Life Skills, Leadership, and BDO's Sporting Champions

Welcome to a new episode of the BDO podcast, where we dive into the intersection of sports and professional success. In today's episode, we are joined by BDO professionals who transitioned from professional sports to the corporate world. Get ready for insights, anecdotes, and life lessons for success as we explore the valuable skills cultivated on the field and how they translate to leadership in the boardroom. 

From Athletic Backgrounds to Office Settings: The Unique Journey of BDO's Sporting Figures

Our guests today are not just exceptional professionals at BDO but also former athletes who have excelled in their respective sports. Let's meet: Cian O'Sullivan, Director in Tax at BDO, who brings a wealth of experience from the world of GAA. Conor McKeon, a member of Audit Team 4, whose rugby career took him from St Mary's and Gonzaga to the professional stage. Melanie O’Connor, Head of Marketing, who represented Australia in three swimming World Championships, winning two silver and one bronze medal.

As we explore their journeys, it's evident that the challenges and wins of their sporting careers have left a strong mark. 

  • Cian O'Sullivan, having played GAA for Kilmacud Crokes and Dublin GAA, shares not only his professional expertise in private clients tax but also the life skills gained from over a decade on the sports field. From discipline to teamwork, the crossover is remarkable. 
  • Conor's transition from a professional rugby career in Connacht to his role in the Audit Team showcases the resilience and adaptability required to navigate both the scrum and the corporate world. These experiences contribute to a well-rounded skill set that is a game-changer in any field. 
  • Melanie unveils the dynamics of teamwork in an individual sport and recounts a moment from the 2003 World Championships in Barcelona. She is not just a top-ten world-ranking achiever but a storyteller, combining the corporate and swimming worlds. Explore her journey through exclusive video footage, a testament to hard work in and out of the pool. 


Defining Leadership on the Field and in the Boardroom 


Leadership is a quality often paired with both sports and corporate success. Our guests share their perspectives on how sports and discipline prepared them for leadership roles at BDO. The ability to inspire, motivate, and guide a team transcends the boundaries of the sport, creating leaders who are prepared to solve challenges in the boardroom. 


Navigating Challenges 


In the world of sports and business alike, challenges are inevitable. Our guests recount instances where they faced adversity, drawing parallels between overcoming obstacles in sports and addressing corporate challenges. The lessons learned from pushing personal limits and overcoming setbacks are a crucial part of their leadership journey. 


In conclusion, this episode celebrates the individuals who have combined their sporting background with professional expertise. At BDO in Ireland, we’re welcoming people as they are and encourage you to bring your true self to work, including life skills from other backgrounds. We support current and future employees on their journeys to grow their careers and develop themselves personally and professionally along the way. 


Don't miss the full conversation. You can find the podcast on Spotify or iTunes. For a better experience, you can watch the video here.  Hear their inspiring stories and the lessons they learned along the way. At the end of the day, our people are the true essence of BDO in Ireland, and we’re proud they’re a part of our community.