• Family Business Services

Family Business Services

Family Business Services

As the pioneers of family business services in Ireland and with experience spanning two decades, we at BDO pride ourselves in being the recognised authority on Irish family business issues.

Central to our philosophy is a respect for the sensitivity and privacy of personal family issues. We believe that while specialist services can address the technical issues affecting a business, it is only through an appreciation and understanding of the family that deep and lasting solutions can be found.

To date, family business issues have centered on succession planning and in particular the role of the founder in managing succession. It has also been our experience however, that the identification and grooming of the successor can be the lynchpin to future operational success in the business. For this reason, the focus of our research this year will be on acquiring a deeper understanding of this group and identifying ways to better address their specific needs.

Our Family Business Services include advice on the following:

Establishing a family council process
Managing succession
Formalizing a family constitution
Improving communication
Strategic business planning and corporate finance for families
Tax Planning for family businesses
Personal wealth management
Conflict resolution and mediation services.