Business Performance

Businesses face all kinds of challenges in a competitive market that is still grappling with the downturn as well as the significant reductions in Government spending announced in the last budget. Among these are new legislation and regulation, increasing globalisation, revised priorities affecting Board and executive decision-making and, above all, the need to find economies while still achieving the organisation’s objectives.

Clearing these hurdles to make for compliant and more efficient business performance is a complex and daunting task that requires a range of expertise rarely found in a single organisation.

How can BDO help?

Our experienced business performance consultants offer a combination of skills to help you revise business processes or design new ways of delivering services.

Business efficiency reviews:

Is your resource planning and supply chain management as streamlined as it could be? Do you need to reduce the volume and complexity of your management accounting? Our sector specialists will assess your current situation and recommend a way forward.

Business process re-engineering:

Shifting objectives and requirements mean changes in your organisation’s workflows and processes, resulting in more cross-functional teams, for example, or the integration of several business streams. We will analyse your processes and suggest new, cost-effective systems and methods for achieving your aims.

IT systems implementation and advice:

Data safeguarding, managing major projects involving unfamiliar technology, decisions about systems access authorisations, and selecting the most appropriate software for your organisation’s strategic objectives, are all tasks that require expert input. Among our consultants are technology advisory specialists who focus on these and related issues.

Project management efficiency:

Particularly at times of change and re-assessment of business priorities, there are likely to be one-off projects to run in order to achieve revised goals and objectives. Our experienced consultants can help you overcome the challenges of complex projects by implementing the most efficient processes and methodologies.

Trust the guidance of our Advisory experts