SOX Compliance

For many companies considering an IPO, achieving SOX compliance may present a challenge, particularly during the initial year of compliance. For companies that have managed compliance, the process has become routine and often viewed as a compliance exercise with little strategic or operational benefit.

When implemented correctly, SOX can improve processes, reduce the risk of fraud, and maximise business resources. Manually onerous processes, obsolete processes, and unnecessary review procedures can all be identified and assessed during the risk assessment and control design phases of a project, resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness throughout many aspects of the business. 

Why BDO?

Our dedicated team have helped clients to redirect and develop their SOX compliance procedures and controls, from a design and effectiveness perspective.

With an extensive network of resources and deep experience across virtually all industry sectors, we assist companies both large and small, and also work with non-public entities in achieving SOX-like compliance.  Our team provide the value-added capabilities to design the internal control financial systems following the existing legislation.

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