• Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation

Resolving disputes between two or more parties, or an individual with an organisation.

Our approach is expert-led and practical. We focus on achieving the best outcome for the client organisation, as well as the individuals involved. Mediation is seen to be successful in 80% of conflict situations*.

Our skilled Mediators work to resolve workplace disputes and disagreements between individuals – between employees, between managers or between an employee and a manager. We offer a confidential service that gives employees and employers in dispute with each other the chance to work with a mediator to find a mutually agreed solution to the problem. It is important to remember, internal workplace mediation is a voluntary process which needs to have both sides agreeing to participate and work towards a solution to the problem not be forced into it.

Compared to alternatives, it is a faster and less expensive solution and the solution is developed by the individual(s) involved. Also as workplace mediation is an informal resolution process that allows all the sides are heard, they work together to resolve their issue. Where a mutually agreed solution is reached it is likely to be effective and last longer as it was developed by the people involved not enforced on them.

Examples of when to use:

  • There is a breakdown in communication and a lack of respect between two managers. Instead of working together, they compete against each other. The lack of respect permeates to lower levels of staff and the culture begins to change negatively.
  • People have developed problems or personal differences which are preventing them working well together.
  • A working relationship has broken down and it is having an impact on the individuals, on their colleagues and the business.
  • An issue emerging from a disciplinary procedure or grievance raised.