IXBRL Services

Our fully managed iXBRL service is designed to provide you with the confidence that your iXBRL tagged accounts will comply with Revenue’s online filing requirements.

Our iXBRL service will prepare iXBRL formatted financial statements from the original source document. Our specialist team will take your accounts in soft copy and then tag and rigorously quality check them ahead of Revenue submission.

Our iXBRL service will require minimal time commitments from your staff. The only requirement of your staff will be to discuss/approve potentially contentious iXBRL tagging decisions and give final sign off.

Our iXBRL specialist team will support your BDO engagement team with the expertise to resolve potentially contentious tagging decisions to ensure that accounts meet iXBRL specification guidelines.

When the iXBRL tagging and quality reviews are complete we will give you:

  • The completed iXBRL file in soft copy (html) format for submission with the Corporation Tax Return. 
  • If required, we will provide you with a schedule of the tags applied to each set of accounts, plus any judgements we have applied to ambiguous or contentious items within the accounts for ease of review.