Reconstructions & Reorganisations

Often the need for a reorganisation is as a result of change of ownership or part of a business is changed or due simply a need to ‘streamline’ or a tidy up a group structure.

Reconstructions are often implemented to facilitate the following:

  • The introduction of new investors
  • The sale of specific business carried on by the company or by the group
  • The partition of the company/group between two or more shareholders
  • The acquisition of another company or part of another company in exchange for shares
  • Extracting value out of the company for shareholders.

With all transactions which involve the transferring of a business or shares there are a number of tax implications such as capital gains tax, stamp duty, corporation tax, VAT and income tax together with Company Law issues.

With tax planning such transactions may be carried out with a minimum of tax cost.

At BDO we can help to structure your company/group tax affairs in an efficient manner helping you to minimise the tax cost if you are contemplating any of the above.