• Employer & Employee Tax Planning

Employer & Employee Tax Planning

At BDO we understand that staff motivation lies at the core of successful business therefore we understand the importance of retaining key employees, attracting new employees and rewarding long term employees. Staff incentives may take many different forms depending on the needs of the business, the age of the staff and the motivation issues to be addressed.

BDO can assist you in maximising the tax efficiency of employee remunerations through the creation and implementation of tailored tax efficient remuneration packages.

BDO has the expertise to assist on the following:

  • Share incentive schemes
  • Remuneration structuring

Share Incentive Schemes

Rewarding employees with shares will give them a focus on increasing the value of the business. Share incentive schemes can be a very tax efficient method of rewarding employees particularly in the current cash restricted environment. In addition, the current low value of shares may also offer the opportunity to make equity awards to new or existing employees.

BDO can work with you to design the most suitable share scheme that will achieve the desired objectives in the most tax efficient manner.

Remuneration Structuring

Employers often face difficulty in determining the most tax efficient methods of structuring remuneration packages for new or existing employees, especially when there is to be a mixture of salary, bonus, pensions and other benefits (company car, medical insurance premiums) likely to be present.

BDO can analyse your requirements and tailor a tax efficient remuneration package for any new or existing employees.