• Are You Eligible?

    The most valuable features in business today are people and ideas—in particular, people with ideas.

Are You Eligible?


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If your company is one of the many that have yet to apply for this innovation-based R&D tax credit regime, you could be missing out on significant amounts of tax refunds or credits.

For instance is your company:

  • Developing a new product or process?
  • Improving existing products, methods or processes?
  • Working to reduce the environmental impact of your manufacturing process?
  • Working on the next generation of your technology?

The claim preparation process involves:

  • Determining the eligible projects and the activities within them
  • Preparing a technical report to describe the project
  • Identifying the eligible costs that relate to the work
  • Completing and filing the tax forms and technical report.

Eligibility Assessment

The assessment tool included above should provide you with a high level indication of:

1. Whether your company might qualify for the regime and
2. How much benefit the company might get from availing of the regime

We would note that this tool is for indicative purposes only and that in advance of any claim being made under the R&D tax credit regime, a full review of the relevant legislative provisions should be carried out. This tool is a high level calculator and will not result in a figure that is sufficiently accurate to be relied upon or included in any tax return. 

Do you have an R&D related query?

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