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Our R&D Tax Services team combine taxation experts with engineers and scientists who can help you with all parts of the claim and ensure you receive the R&D credits and tax refunds to which you are entitled.

We work closely with our clients to ensure they meet the regime requirements, file the necessary forms and reports, and ultimately improve their chances of success with the R&D regime.

Companies who make successful R&D tax credit claims then have the ability to allocate further funding to R&D activities on an ongoing basis.

BDO R&D Tax Services

Technical report preparation 

Technical descriptions are a critical and time-consuming part of any claim; in fact, if they are incomplete or unconvincing, the chance of making a successful claim can be reduced significantly.

Our team of engineers and scientists have 30 years of international experience preparing technical reports for R&D tax credit claims. We work to help you understand the R&D tax credit regime and it’s eligibility requirements and write the report for your approval. Also, since companies rarely consider all of the projects which are eligible under the R&D tax credit regime, we can also help you identify qualifying activities.

Financial information

Business structures, transactions and complex legislation can significantly affect current and future claims. Along with the technical description, an organisation is required to ensure that the costs and activities it claims are eligible under the R&D tax credit regime. Let our experts assist you.

Documentation systems 

As claims require detailed documentation, the apparent onerous nature of creating a continuous and adequate paper trail often discourages all but the keenest of companies. We work with you to identify and implement appropriate tracking programs, primarily relying on the documentation you already have. This will help support your claim without creating additional administration or special “R&D only” documentation.

Claim reviews 

We are there to help should your claim be selected for a more detailed review by Revenue. We attend the site visits by science advisors and financial reviewers appointed by the Revenue to audit your claims. Our knowledge of R&D tax credit legislation and experience with managing the claims processing can smooth the entire process and minimise disruption and stress.

Ongoing added value

The R&D tax credit regime is complex; but we can help simplify it for you. Our team of R&D tax experts, engineers and scientists are focused on ensuring you regularly obtain the tax credits to which you are entitled.

We often find that, in addition to preparing the technical submission, we can empower your people through training to recognise R&D tax credit activities and help them make claims in the future. This reduces the risk that you are only claiming a small portion of your qualifying activities.

We can also help you evaluate how any changes you make to the way you run or organise your business may unintentionally affect your R&D tax credit claims.

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